In honor of the 100th anniversary of Harry Hay's birth, CLAGS and the Harry Hay Centennial Committee will sponsor a weekend conference exploring Hay's life and ideas and the multiple facets of LGBT life that Harry Hay himself pioneered. These aspects will be organized around four major themes: the arts, political activism, spirituality and sexual identities. The conference will feature presentations from scholars, activists and artists all exploring the evolution of LGBT life in the 60+ years since Hay and a small cohort of Californians founded the Mattachine Society.

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Jerry Berbiar

San Francisco
I am one of the Circle of Loving Companions who brought close friends Harry Hay and John Burnside to San Francisco from Los Angeles to care for them.
I've been a Radical Faerie since 1982. I advocate for progressive issues, especially affordable housing and housing for the poor in San Francisco.
I care more about helping homeless queer youth, issues that effect social justice for everyone including poor queer people, and including queers in the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, than I do about queer marriage.
I support grassroots queer organizations. I do not support organizations governed from the top down that don't accept community input such as the HRC.
Jerry the Faerie aka Jerry Berbiar