In honor of the 100th anniversary of Harry Hay's birth, CLAGS and the Harry Hay Centennial Committee will sponsor a weekend conference exploring Hay's life and ideas and the multiple facets of LGBT life that Harry Hay himself pioneered. These aspects will be organized around four major themes: the arts, political activism, spirituality and sexual identities. The conference will feature presentations from scholars, activists and artists all exploring the evolution of LGBT life in the 60+ years since Hay and a small cohort of Californians founded the Mattachine Society.

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Toby Johnson

Lethe Press
freelance editor/writer/novelist
Austin TX
Toby Johnson, PhD and Kip Dollar, partners since 1984, ran Liberty Books, the lesbian/gay community bookstore in Austin 1988-94. They were the first male couple registered as Domestic Partners in Texas in 1993. Johnson and Dollar both now work with Lethe Press.

Johnson is a former Catholic monk and comparative religions scholar turned psychotherapist, gay activist, bookseller, editor and book designer, novelist and gay cultural commentator. He is author of five non-fiction titles that present spiritual wisdom he learned from his mentor and friend, renowned religions scholar Joseph Campbell, including Gay Spirituality: The Role of Gay Identity in the Transformation of Human Consciousness and Gay Perspective: Things our [homo]sexuality tells us about the nature of God and the Universe. Four gay genre novels, including Two Spirits: A Story of Life Among the Navajo (in collaboration with Walter L. Williams), are sweet adventure/romances woven through with wisdom and psychological insight.

Most recently, Johnson worked as editor on Stuart Timmons' newly revised biography of Harry Hay, founder of the modern Gay Rights Movement.
Toby Johnson has a webpage at tobyjohnson.com.